We bade farewell to our visitors from Norre Gymnasium in Copenhagen over the weekend, following a very eventful couple of days. Having arrived on Thursday night the students and their teachers were officially received by organisers, Mary’s staff IMG_2555members Gráinne Kelly and Mary McKearney, and soon settled into their new surroundings. On Friday morning the visiting students were paired with some of our students and visited a number of classes throughout the morning, engaging with our lads as they experienced a taste of Irish education. After this they were encouraged to engage in some Hurling, Handball and Football exhibitions…maybe we’ll see the GAA offshoot to Copenhagen soon enough!

Friday night saw them attend a feast of Irish Culture, as they attended a céilí, featuring some of our former musicians and Irish dancers.

Saturday saw everyone up bright and early to head for InisMór, and a close encounter with Dún Aonghasa. A group of 18 Mary’s students accompanied them on the trip…and apparently great fun was had by all! A weary and well refreshed bunch arrived back in the College, hopefully laden with many happy memories to take back to Denmark.

The Vikings are back…. Oh it’s Norre Gymnasium from Copenhagen

On Thursday 3rd April, a group of 20 Danish students and two teachers came to Galway. One of their teachers, Thomas Lynnerup Jakobsen, met  Fr. Barry Hogg and  Mr Murphy on an earlier visit.  Lissi, one of Norre Gymnasium English teachers, accompanied Thomas.

Dinner had been arranged in the College for everyone and the group were introduced to their hosts. Next day the Danish students sampled classes in an Irish school. Mr Lennon kindly organised  hurling, Gaelic football and handball for our visitors.  St. Mary’s College students were very interested in becoming acquainted with the twelve lovely Danish ladies….

An Irish cultural event was organised for Friday evening. Our Danish visitors appreciated the Sean Nós singing, Uilleann pipes, Flute, Accordion, Bódhran and fiddle playing. Past–students, Craig and Colin Glynn, with their sister Michaela delighted the audience with tap dancing and brush dances. The Danish students attempted these dances too.                     Their teacher Thomas played the piano and his class sang in the parlour. Mr Murphy announced that next time Norre Gymnasium visit there will be a concert for the whole school.

On Saturday morning, April 5th,   St. Mary’s College students and the Norre Gymnasium group set off for Inis Mór. The morning was drizzly but once we landed at Kilronan weather improved. The students couldn’t be stopped racing on their bicycles around Inis Mór!!  The Coast road was closed due to storm damage. We spent the day breathing in the wild Atlantic air and enjoying the silence of Inis Mór! All students were mesmerized by the spectacular landscape at Dun Aonghuasa in the sun. We didn’t have enough time to go to Poll na bPeist, the worm hole, or Dun Duchathair, the black fort. Everyone mingled well and enjoyed.

On Sunday morning the Norre Gymnasium group attended 11am Mass in Galway Cathedral to hear the choir. Afterwards they travelled to the Temple Bar area of Dublin. There they boarded the Jeanie Johnson, toured Trinity College, climbed around Howth Head and visited the Gate Theatre to see a performance of an Oscar Wilde play. The ladies also  spent their hoards of Viking gold in Dublin stores!! They had been looking for Leprechauns…

We look forward to meeting them again next Easter in Copenhagen.

Slán go foil agus beannacht libh go leir.