Temporary movement of Scoil Fhursa to St. Mary’s College

One of our local primary schools; Scoil Fhursa will be joining us on January 6th 2020 here in St. Mary’s College.  Scoil Fhursa are beginning the development of an extension and they will be accommodated here for the duration of that build.

Their temporary accommodation here is located in areas of the new sports hall and the circular canteen. They will have the use of the tennis courts for their breaks, the times of which are different to ours. 

School starts for them at 8.30 am and the traffic arrangements are as follows:

All Scoil Fhursa traffic will enter via St. Mary’s Rd. entrance and will have set down at the Y junction and proceed to exit at the Shantalla gate. The pick-up arrangements will be the same. 

There are only  4 classes that will transfer and they will be accompanied by 9 staff members and some parents. 

The toileting facilities are already in place by way of portacabins to the front of the sports hall. 

Scoil Fhursa students will have access to the sports hall whenever that facility is free and not in use by our students.

Please email office@stmaryscollege.ie if you have any queries. 

Yours sincerely,

E. Veale