For over 100 years, the College has sought to live up to the ideals set out by its founders.  It has adapted to changing circumstances in every decade.  The College endeavours to instill its students with strong faith and belief in themselves and in God. The College is Catholic in its ethos and welcomes students of other faiths in an atmosphere of understanding and respect.

St. Mary’s College strives to foster charity, co-operation and consideration for others amongst its students and to inculcate a spirit of responsibility and self-discipline. Students are encouraged to be proud of the achievements and traditions of their Alma Mater so that in later life, when they take their place in society, they will be well equipped to make their own distinctive and meaningful contribution and at the same time to continue the lifelong learning process.

The College has been extended and built up over that 100 years, providing the excellent facilities and space we enjoy today. Through a skillful blend of the old and the new, it now has an excellent range of classrooms and specialty subject rooms, all with broadband. In addition, the spacious grounds, containing playing fields, tennis, basketball and handball courts, as well as a modern sports hall/gym, ensure the physical development and recreational needs of the students are well catered to.

The high standards evident in all respects of school life are thanks to the generosity, professionalism and dedication of staff coupled with the energy, talent and commitment of students. Today, we in St. Mary’s, heartily acknowledge all those who contribute to the College community; our students, their parents, all the staff of St. Mary’s, our past pupils and their families, The Board of Management, our Bishop and our Trustees..