Important Letter for 1st Years 20/21

                                                                                                             26th August 2020

Letter to Incoming 1st Years


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope your preparations for putting your son back to school is going well. Their first day will look very different to last year’s first years.

On Monday, 31st August they will be greeted at the main door and taken in small groups to their assembly point. Unfortunately, parents/guardians will not have access to the building at this time. Students are asked to arrive at the front door from 9.50-10.00 am.  They will not need books on their first day but just a pen and pencil.

On Tuesday, 1st September they will be doing the CAT IV test and will have to bring their own set of ear phones. They will have to be in attendance from 8.30 am on Tuesday and they will access the courtyard where they will come through the “Galway Door”. This will be their daily route going forward.

Students must be in full school uniform and wear their mask at all time. Please bring a packed lunch as the canteen will not be open.  We will supply the school tie and their homework journal on Monday.

On both Monday and Tuesday their finishing time will be 1.00 pm. I wish your son the very best as they start their exciting journey here in St. Mary’s College. Looking forward to welcoming your son/s

Kind regards,


Eamonn Veale