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€700 raised for CONCERN


We learned a lot about concern over the past few months. We also learned the benefit of our donations for others who are hungry. Hunger kills more than TB, Malaria and Aids combined in a year. The Concern Fast 2017 was done along with other fundraising events within the school. Altogether we raised just over 700 euro for Concern. This money will help the severely malnourished thanks to the school community working together for others. It will go toward the construction and running of schools. It will also go toward teaching farmers effective agricultural practices. We feel our sense of social responsibility has increased dramatically since the beginning of the project. It was a great experience and we would love to continue this work of helping others in our school, in our community and globally.


Thanks to Ms. Brennan and Ms. O Malley for the help with this project. 


James Kebana (Concern Ambassador)

Eimhin Mulkerrins (Concern Ambassador)

Jakub Szymonik (Concern Ambassador)