This year’s computer club, once more under the guidance of Mr. Colin McCaul, is currently running twice a week, at lunchtime on Monday and Thursday. All are welcome to attend. Currently students are working on a number of projects, including the College Navigation App, as well as getting the opportunity to play a few games…quality downtime at lunchtime!!

2012-13             Computer Club

Our after school computer club is scheduled to restart in October.

Brendan Smyth of The Digital Enterprise Research Institute(DERI) and his colleagues will be teaching our students  HTML and Scratch this year.


For those of you interested in learning HTML or Scratch on saturdays :

HTML  in UCG   ( IT Department )       12:00 to 1:30      and       1:30 to 3:00

Scratch in DERI                                 12:00 to 1:30      and       1:30 to 3:00


Member of DERI teaching Scratch to our pupils

Learning Scratch Programming


1st years enjoying the after school club

Interested first years


Philip Gibbons, one of our best programmers

Learning Hardware with MrMcCaul


Michael Kerin (DERI) teaching Python to Hulio

Nordine and Rohin enjoying programming