Online Learning Schedule

All students were assigned a Microsoft Teams account, and have been added to their relevant class teams by their teachers

Microsoft Teams can be accessed through PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone.

All textbooks are available in an online version if you do not have the physical version, and can be accessed and downloaded via the actual code on the book, although most of the companies have made their books accessible free of charge.

Teachers will usually send an invitation to an online class, and this will normally be scheduled at the time as the usual class according to the students schedule, or at some stage during the timetabled day they will be in contact with recorded class or online assigned work.

Homework and assignments should be submitted as requested by teachers

Role call will be taken for classes and notable periods of absence will be followed up.

Students should consider this as a normal school timetable and class.

In some instances the work will be recorded and accessible to the student should they be experiencing technical difficulties

If a student is having difficulties they should try to contact their teacher, via email or Microsoft Teams, or the school.