French week

To celebrate La Semaine de la Langue Française et de la Francophonie 2019 (French Language and Francophonie Week), La Petite Crêpe are coming to St. Mary’s College on Tuesday 19th March to serve delicious crêpes to students. They cost between €2 and €3.50 and students who want crêpes will have to order them in French! See attached menu. Menu Ecole

Back to the Eighties Musical

Wow…what a show! Along with our friends in Our Lady’s College, over four performances we sang, we danced, we brought characters to life, we entertained. Over weeks of preparation we listened, we watched, we learned, we bonded, we stepped out (way out!) of our comfort zones, we made friendships that will last, we brought two vibrant school communities together…we shared a wonderful experience. We’ll be sad that it’s over but thrilled we did it. Wouldn’t have missed a moment.

Great job everyone

They say a picture paints a thousand words…here’s a link to a thousand (+) photographs telling the story of our musical

Musical 2019

Back to the Eighties musical

From the era that brought the world Footloose and leg-warmers comes this “totally awesome” musical Back to the 80s, with copious amounts of blue eye-shadow and numerous cans of hairspray along with some of the most popular songs ever written.

If musicals matter to you, pop along to ‘Back to the 80s’ this week which is taking place in the theatre of St Mary’s College from Wed March 6th to Friday March 8th. 

Tickets are available from the office of St Mary’s College or online at