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19th June 2019

Dear Parent / Guardian, 

We hope both you and our students are enjoying the summer break. 

Please find some important information below regarding the start of the next school year and the relevant booklists for all year groups. 

Please do not hesitate to email should you have any difficulties or queries. 

Kindest regards,



Mr. Sweeney

Acting Principal


Dates for Returning to School 2019/2020

Monday 26th August             1st years begin                        10 am – 1 pm

Tuesday 27th August            1st years only                           8:45am – 1 pm

Wednesday 28th August       6th  Years Return                    9:30 am – 4pm

Thursday 29th August          3rd Years Return                     9:30 am – 4pm

Friday 30th August                2nd Years Return                   9:30 am – 1:05pm

Monday 2nd  September      TY’s and 5th Years return    9:30am – 12pm

*A more detailed school calendar will be issued when you return to school*

Booklists 2019/2020

Please click on the link below for the appropriate booklist

1st Year BookList 2019/2020

2nd year Booklist 2019/2020

3rd year Booklist 2019/2020

5th year Booklist 2019/2020

6th year Booklist 2019/2020