5th Year Subject Choice


21st April 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and well during these challenging times.  Normally at this time of the school year, I would be meeting with Junior Certificate and Transition year students to outline their options for the Senior Cycle here in St. Mary’s College.

As Guidance Counsellor I would have made them aware of the importance of choosing the correct subjects, outside of the core subjects of Irish, English and Mathematics.

Choosing the correct balance of subjects can maximise your son’s chances of pursuing a definite course at Third Level. It can also be beneficial in relation to training for a career. Employers are more than ever, seeking skilled people with a good Leaving Certificate and further qualifications. The subject options that your son will take next September should be carefully considered with you his parents/guardians, and not influenced by his peer group, as can often be the case. We need to ensure that his choice is compatible with his future career/course aspirations.

Unfortunately, the information evening for parents in the college had to be cancelled. I had given a presentation to most Junior Certificate classes on subject choice This presentation is available on the college website. In addition, a handout on the important points to consider for subject choice was given out to all Junior Certificate and Transition year students on the day of the school closure. This handout is also available on the college website.


At this stage in our school planning process we have drafted a preliminary/free subject choice form.

Please complete this online form by 9 am on Wednesday 28th April. 

The feedback from this form will be used to draft a final choice form which will be distributed to you in early May. We will try our best to accommodate your son’s choices; however, it may not be possible to facilitate everybody with their particular choice of subject outside of the Core Subjects of Irish, English and Maths.

I urge you and your son to read all the handouts carefully and visit the qualifax.ie website before making his decisions. The consequences of not studying certain subjects (3rd language or a science subject) can have far reaching effects and implications later in relation to college faculties and particular career areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. phealy@stmaryscollege.ie

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Pat Healy 

Guidance Counsellor


Resources for Students and Parents regarding Subject Choice

Useful websites:

  • Link on how to use QUALIFAX.IE


  • Curriculum Online


  • ESRI report on subject choice


  • Information on the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

LCVP Information 2020.2021



  • Powerpoint Slides from our planned Parent Information Session

Subject Choice Presentation For Students and Parents – March 2020

  • Student Information Booklet on Subject Choice

Student Information Booklet on Subject Choice 2020.2021